Our Research Center has a complete structure of Pilot Laundry.

• Hi-Tech Chemicals Line

• Washers

• Centrifuges

• Dryers

• Blasting cabins

• Ozone Cell (Ozone Wash O³)

• Printing and Laser Marking Machinery (Quad Laser System)

• Three-dimensional Whiskers Formatting Machine (Tríade 3D)

• Immersion and Spraying Resin Application

• Ovens for Polymerization (Vulcan Oven)

• Computerized Control and Management System (SISLav)

• Boilers

• Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

• Technical Acclimatized Room

• Showroom


The constant search for excellence in years of researches and studies turned the challenges and ideas of our customers in efficient chemical solutions. Within the quality laboratory, we control all chemical processes ensuring the reliability of Hi-Tech products. The result of this control lies on the high performance of our products, manufactured in super concentrated solutions that ensure greater competitiveness.


• High Performance Chemicals

• Super Concentrated Solutions

• High Competitiveness


At the Colorimetric Laboratory, we accurately develop, collections with a varied palette of colors and shades. Our unique laundry control and management system allows, in one place, organize, control and manage all daily processes.

Management System (SIS LAV)

• Registration of customers, products and operations
• Registration of washing processes, prescriptions and different effects
• Registration of prescriptions of Pantone® colors
• Purchase Orders
• Registration of collections with colors, prescriptions
• Registration of Pilot Parts
• Service Order
• Implementation monitoring
• Implementation listing
• Delivery Monitoring
• Management, Change, Exclusion and Reprint
• Cost Comparative Reporting
• Management Reports and Errors Occurred
• Update and Online Support
• Audit and Multi-User System
• Full Help Manual


Within the Hi-Tech Lab, we investigate the solutions to all challenges with a unique service. We work together with our customers in the laboratory developing all possibilities to create effects, pieces and collections. With a complete  pilot laundry structure, our customers receive and test the perfect prescription to achieve their results, producing faster and saving resources. The constant updating of Hi-Tech Lab technical team provides our customers with valuable information on fashion trends in the national and international scenario. Differentials that enhance concepts and transform all ideas into reality.

Our pilot laundry pilot has a multitude of chemicals available to our customers. Through our team of technicians, our customers receive full support in designing and creating pieces with vibrant colors and unique look.


With the integration of high-tech equipment, Hi-Tech Maq sector brought computing intelligence to optimize processes and unleash creativity. With a qualified team of technicians and engineers, the sector has a complete manufacturing structure and develops projects that update the market with innovative machines bringing more savings and productivity.