H – Honesty: Ethics in all personal and professional nature processes.
I  – Innovation: Continuous search to create new products and processes.
T – Technology:  Used in developing solutions.
– Effectiveness: Effectiveness + Efficiency.
C – Competitiveness: Productivity, standardization and quality of products.
– Humanity: Commitment to employees, customers and community, as well as environmental preservation.

Values we apply in our lives, solutions that bring more beauty and satisfaction.

Hi-Tech Química


A history in constant development, this is how we set our course. Our company was born in 1996 from the desire to give people clothes that enhance personalities and reflect the wishes and desires of human beings. Bringing the past into the present in seconds, providing unique sensations caused by effects in increasingly beautiful and comfortable clothes.

Our continuous search for innovation brought chemistry and technology together, synthesizing our essence: producing ever better, ever faster, more economically. Always looking to the future changing, carrying the will to every day contribute to a more comfortable world to live.